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Pami Dua

University of Delhi

Editorial Advisory Board

Roy Batchelor: Banking and Finance
Cass Business School, UK

Arindam Chakrabarti: Philosphy
University of Hawaii, USA

Veena Das: Sociology
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Daniel Gold: South Asian Religions
Cornell University, USA

Athar Hussain: Asian Studies
London School of Economics, UK

Ved Kumari: Law
University of Delhi, India

Malashri Lal: English
University of Delhi, India

Sarup R. Mathur: Special Education
Arizona State University, USA

Amritjit Singh: English and African American Studies
Ohio University, USA

Ronald Strickland: Literature
Michigan Technological University, USA

Wilfried Swenden: Political Science
University of Edinburgh, UK

Don Wilson: British Imperial & South Asian History
King’s College, UK

Editorial Support
Divya Tuteja

Aims and Scope

The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences is an open access and peer reviewed annual journal that provides an intellectual platform to address issues in humanities and social sciences in a comprehensive manner.

It seeks to promote inter-disciplinary research in the fields of Adult Education, African Studies, Applied Social Sciences, Buddhist Studies, Commerce, East Asian Studies, Economics, Education, English, Geography, History, Law, Library & Information Science, Linguistics, Literary studies, Management Studies, Music & Fine Arts, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Women Studies and related areas covering a wide range of issues, methodologies and disciplinary perspectives that cater to a diverse and multidisciplinary readership.

The journal is published online with the ISSN: 2348-4357. It aims to publish theoretical and empirical research, and book reviews with occasional special issues.

For submission of research articles and for any other queries regarding the journal, please mail to