The Delhi University
Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation

Volume 1, Issue 3, August 2015

Board of Advisors and Editors


»Malashri Lal, Chairperson, Research Council
»Harish Trivedi, Advisor, Academic Publications


»T. Seshadri, Physics & Astrophysics


»Ajay Kumar, Dean Research, Physical and Mathematical Sciences
»M.M. Chaturvedi, Dean Research, Life Sciences
»Pami Dua, Dean Research, Humanities & Social Sciences

Managing Editor

»Deepika Bhaskar, Deputy Dean Research

Editorial Advisory Board

»Anita Sharma, East Asian Studies
»Pradeep Burma, Genetics
»Hemlata Reddy, Principal, Sri Venkateswara College
»Pratibha Jolly, Principal, Miranda House
»N. Satyamurthy, Chemistry, IISER, Mohali
»S.C. Lakhotia, Emeritus Professor, BHU

Assistant Editors

»Unnati Gulati
»Nidhi Seth

Vice Chancellor’s words

In the ancient Indian text, the first of the Vedas, the Rig Veda says in the opening stanza- “Let noble thoughts come from every direction”. The universities must recognize this. Knowledge systems exist outside the formal walls. More than half of the experience comes from experiences outside the classrooms. A classroom should melt away from today’s notion (of space) into things connected with society. University systems must be well connected to the needs of society. When there are challenges, the youth get inspired. Our Innovation Projects and other initiatives like Gyanodaya, the college-on-wheels have played a major role in taking this idea forward. Thousands of students in groups of ten work in these projects which have given rise to new knowledge, new insights into issues that connect knowledge to society and offer solutions to the challenges of the society The number of ideas, patents and research papers that came up from these projects is indeed surprising. High end knowledge with immediate practical application is the need of the hour. We are publishing our own peer-reviewed undergraduate research papers.

Prof. Dinesh Singh


Prof. Malashri Lal

The Research Council, the hub for overseeing various research activities in the vast expanse of the University of Delhi, has been fortunate in taking the decision to publish an on line journal with scholarly reports of the projects in progress, and those completed with commendable results. Presented here is the third issue of the 'DU Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation'. This has 21 articles from both sciences and non-sciences, hence a true interdisciplinary issue. Vice Chancellor, Professor Dinesh Singh's vision of opening out a research arena in undergraduate colleges has yielded rich results on ground. The Innovation Projects have gained huge attention from faculty and students, and the number of applications has increased each year. With that comes greater competition in qualifying for a grant, and a greater excitement in showcasing results. The dissemination of the undergraduate projects needed a vehicle for reaching industry, potential start-ups, as well as the general public. Therefore a journal was conceptualised and makes for a fine documentation periodically. It is gratifying to see the current issue truly capturing the interdisciplinary nature of research across colleges.

Thanks are due to the teachers , research teams and mentors who have contributed to the volume, to the peer group that assessed the quality of the articles and the editors who gave the final stamp of approval to the publication. Dy. Dean Research, Dr. Deepika Bhaskar, is the main coordinator for the journal and leads the committee's work at various levels of peer review. Deans Research, Prof. Madan Chaturvedi, Prof. Pammi Dua, and Prof. Ajay Kumar provide advice with their subject expertise and the college Principals administer the Innovation Project grants in their respective institutions. Their hard work and commitment is deeply appreciated. We are all grateful to the Vice Chancellor's constant guidance to the Research Council.

Malashri Lal
Advisor- DUJURI
Chairperson, Research Council &
Dean Academic Activities & Projects
University of Delhi

Dr. Deepika Bhaskar

The Delhi University Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation, an initiative of University of Delhi and the first of its kind for reporting quality research at the undergraduate level in India, has become a landmark for universities in India and abroad. It has been instrumental in encouraging young minds to develop creative as well as analytical thinking abilities and inculcating a research culture at the undergraduate level. The skill to write a good research paper is an art. Working on a research problem, conducting field and laboratory studies outside the classroom setting, analyzing the research results, creating a meaningful outcome of it and weaving it into a beautiful story is genesis of knowledge. This creates an apt background for honing the intellectual abilities of the young minds whose experimenting and exploratory power is boundless and unfathomable.

The journal is a culmination of the vision of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the team that has given a new direction and meaning to our thinking, creating, analyzing and reporting. I take this opportunity to deeply appreciate the support received from the Board of Advisors and Editors and the critical help received from the peer reviewers. The excitement seen in students and teachers to give a creative vent to their thoughts and actions has made the effort worthwhile.

The third issue of the journal with a strong trans disciplinary flavor is in true spirit with the wide range of topics covered in the Innovation Projects. Some papers being published are reviews of topics of current relevance to education and society. The Research Council is proud to present the issue as part of its constant endeavor to promote a culture of research in the University.

Deepika Bhaskar
Managing Editor- DUJURI
Deputy Dean Research
University of Delhi

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