University of Delhi announces Four ONLINE JOURNALS on Creative Writing, the Humanities and the Social Sciences, and the Natural Sciences and DU Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation. Primarily foregrounding significant work by students and teachers at DU, the journals will have eminent advisors and peer reviewers. These journals will be available on-line, free of charge, with open access.

DU-Vidha / विधा
The Delhi University Journal of Creative Writing
The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences

The Delhi University Journal of the Natural Sciences

The Delhi University Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation

DU-Vidha is a Journal of Creative Writing. It is a bilingual journal in both Hindi and English. Its title, DU-Vidha is intended to signify (a) literary genres (vidha) as practised in Delhi University, as well as (b) duvidha, creative dilemma and deliberation, as experienced by writers in negotiating what to say and just how to say it. The journal will be published twice a year. It will be a free open-access on-line journal (with no print edition.)

While the journal is open to all members of the University of Delhi -- in all its Colleges, Departments, Centres, and Institutes - it is meant primarily for students, undergraduate as well as postgraduate. Some space will be available for contributions by members of the faculty and staff as well

Besides poems and short stories, contributions in other literary genres too, such as imaginative prose of all kinds, will be welcome, in both Hindi and English. We also invite paintings, sketches and photographs for publication. Creative designs for a logo for the journal, displaying the name DU-Vidha in both English and Hindi (i.e., in roman as well as devanagari alphabets), will be especially welcome.

Contributions may be sent by email as Word attachments, to du.vidhajournal@gmail.com Contributions by post may be sent to:

Dr. Sukrita Paul Kumar
Under the aegis of Aruna Asaf Ali Chair
Cluster Innovation Centre
University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007


The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences is a peer reviewed online journal that provides an intellectual platform to address complex topics in a comprehensive and holistic manner. One of its objectives is to promote cross-fertilization of ideas and intellectual dialogue across disciplines like History, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Philosophy, English, Education, Library & Information Science, Literary studies, Linguistics, Buddhist Studies, African Studies, East Asian Studies, Adult Education and related areas covering a wide range of issues, methodologies and disciplinary perspectives that cater to a diverse and multidisciplinary readership. The journal is an online journal with ISSN as 2348-4357 that publishes original papers, review papers, empirical research, case studies etc. with occasional special issues. For submission of research articles and for any queries, the mail ID dujournal.hss@gmail.com may be used.

Prof. Pami Dua
The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences


The University of Delhi proposes to publish a research journal of the Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geology and Earth Sciences). The journal will be published once a year, to start with. It will be an open-access on-line journal (with no print edition.) Submissions will, after preliminary screening, be double-blind peer reviewed.

Contributions are invited for publication in the inaugural issue of the journal. While we seek to publish the best of contributions from the wide world, we propose to showcase the research being conducted in India and in particular in the University of Delhi, especially by younger scholars.

Submissions may be between 6,000 and 8,000 words in length, and must conform to the 'Harvard' system of referencing (i.e., with all references provided within the text in parentheses specifying the author by surname, the year of publication, and the page number of the passage cited, with full details of publications provided in 'Works Cited' at the end of the article.)

Contributions for the inaugural issue may be submitted, initially in soft copy only as Word attachments, to dujournals.natsc@gmail.com. Prospective contributors are welcome to correspond with the Editor, at the above email ID, before submitting their contributions.

Professor Avinash Khare FNA
Department of Physics and Astrophysics
University of Delhi

The University of Delhi proposes to publish an online research journal with the title- 'DU Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation' to disseminate academic articles based on original research work from research projects funded by external agencies or the University and from project work accomplished through its various programmes such as Innovation Projects, Gyanodaya Express, CIC projects, R & D, joint research with partners in India and abroad, educational excellence tours for persons with disabilities, Connect to India etc. The journal will be of International repute with an ISSN number.

Contributions are invited from the undergraduate teaching faculty and students, who have conducted research with funding from the University of Delhi or any other funding from a recognized sponsoring agency. They can submit their original research articles strictly according to the submission guidelines for the journal given below.

Contributions or any communication may be sent to the email ID dujournal.ugresearch@gmail.com. The contributions received will be peer reviewed by the Board of Advisors and Editors and subject to plagiarism check before publication.

Sample Paper

Research Council
University of Delhi


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